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Green Dream CBD Hemp Flower


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Green Dream – CBD Hemp Flower

These fluffy Green Dream buds are a dark shade of forest green and are twisted through with a particularly high volume of orange-brown pistils. Finally, a crown of cloudy white trichomes makes these flowers very appealing to all beginner and veteran users. The primary aroma wafting up from Green Dream’s buds is musky and earthy, similar to wet soil. There is also a bright citrus undertone that spices up the overall impression. The actual taste and aftertaste are fruity, earthy and citrus like.

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1 Gram, 3.5 Grams – 1/8th oz, 7 Grams – 1/4th oz, 14 Grams – 1/2 oz, 28 Grams – 1 oz, 112 Grams – 1/4 lb, 224 Grams – 1/2 lb, 450 Grams – 1 lb


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