How We Infuse Our Delta 8 Flower?

by | Jun 29, 2021 | News

A Brief Introduction: How We Infuse Our Delta 8 Flower 

We infuse our buds with the cleanest D8 distillate being produced and the application is nothing less than perfect. We know you’ll love everything about the experience this yummy D8 flowers produces! Check out our boutique CBD and CBG D8 pre-rolls, hemp cigarettes and blunts.

Quality Δ 8 Flower

At Biologic Hemp, we focus on quality and that starts with using the best genetics by the best cannabis breeders around the globe. We often collaborate with our breeder friends to create the best fire possible. Our boutique smokable hemp buds is organically grown indoors and in greenhouses by master growers in the most state of the art facilities being built today. We harvest during the best conditions and take our time to dry, cure, and process our buds using the best practices known.

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