How Do You Consume The Delta 8 Moon Rocks?

How Do You Consume The Delta 8 Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks is a term that wasn’t invented recently —it has been around for decades. While some people might sway into thinking they’re some alien rocks, moon-rocks are a popular term in the cannabis industry referring to particular forms of potent cannabis products.

The common moon rocks available in the market include CBD hemp flower moonrocks, delta 8 infused moonrocks, and marijuana moonrocks.

Many staunch and experienced marijuana enthusiasts love marijuana moonrocks due to the intense and ‘quick-fire high’ that the product unleashes barely a few minutes after intake.

But, as you know, marijuana is not yet legalized federally and remains under the heavy lids of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s list of controlled substances.

Fortunately, a handful of US states found a way around the DEA blockade by legalizing recreational marijuana for adults above 21 years of age.

Such states include Nevada, Colorado, Washington DC, Alaska, Oregon, California, New York, Maine, and more. To be precise, 21 out of 50 US states have legalized recreational marijuana.

Keeping in mind that marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I drug, moon rocks for sale made the THC-rich cannabis may face some legal limitations. And that’s where CBD hemp flower moonrocks and delta 8 infused moon rocks come in handy.

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In this article, I will focus on CBD hemp flower moon rocks, delta 8 infused moon rocks, and other related hemp derivatives.

Perhaps you might be wondering what exactly are moonrocks? How are they made? Why are they so popular? And, of course, how do you utilize them? At Biologic Hemp, we’ve got all your needs covered.

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So, What Are Moon Rocks?

Generally, moon rocks are flower nugs that have been covered or dipped in an extract like shatter or hash oil and rolled in kief, which is usually a powder made up of cannabinoids, terpenes, and trichrome from the flower.

The origin of moon rocks is highly debatable. But often, it’s believed to have been first concocted by dispensary Starbudz760.

After its invention, West Cost rapper Kurupt brought the product to people’s attention, who then marketed a highly potent cannabis product. The rapper is also known for trademarking one of the very first brands of moonrocks, known as Kurupt Moon rocks.

As one of the most potent cannabis products, moonrocks are cherished by many cannabis enthusiasts for their ability to send even the most seasoned cannabis stoners flying extra high than they could with other common hemp product substitutes, making the name very relevant.

There are many types of moonrocks that couldn’t be anything new to seasoned cannabis users. However, they all boil down to two significant subcategories, based on their popularity and the quality of psych activity that they come with.

So far, CBD Hemp flower and Delta 8 infused rocks are the most sought-after moonrock by any stoner who knows exactly what getting extra-high means. And of course, there are other products such as CBD Asteroid, CBD distillate, and CBD Isolate.

Let’s delve deeper…

Delta 8 Moon Rocks

CBD Hemp Flower & Delta 8 Moon Rocks

If you’ve ever used this product before, you must have been left in awe, agreeing unanimously with those who’ve dubbed it the most potent CBD-infused product available today.

And of course, you needn’t worry if you’re on your way to placing an order for your first package as Biologic Hemp shop offers a wide range of such products just for you.

Typically, CBD moon rocks are CBD hemp flowers sprayed with or dipped in CBD oil and then dusted with kief-rich terpenes.

In the CBD world of ‘high,’ moonrocks have a solid reputation for their rapid and instantaneous hit when consumed due to their double potency.

If you’re new to this popular CBD product, you could be having many questions running in your mind as you get closer to making your first purchase. Perhaps, you might be wondering:

  • How are moon rocks made?
  • What does a moon rock look like?
  • How much is moon rock worth?
  • How do you smoke moon rocks?
  • Where can I get moon rocks near me?
  • How potent are moon rocks?

Regardless of whichever questions you have, I would discuss whatever you’d want to know and how CBD moon rocks can benefit you.

Let’s explore…

Basically, CBD moonrocks are made up of three main components: hemp flower, terpenes-rich kief, and solventless CBD oil.

When making moon rocks, freshly-cut hemp CBD is collected, trimmed, manicured, and then dried. The dried hemp bud is drenched with pure CBD oil and then dusted with terpene-rich kief.

After the entire process, the resulting moon rock is a dens-colored rock-like product, which is usually dark-green in color.

If you’ve been wondering, “how does a moonrock look like” we must have had you in mind. This dense green rock-like product, also known as moon rock, is one of the most cherished CBD products that produce the best CBD ‘trip’.

How Potent Are CBD Moon Rocks?

Potency makes this product name one of the popular buzzwords in the cannabis industry and perhaps a unique CBD-infused product. When evaluating the potency of CBD moonrocks, several factors, including the hemp flower potency used and the method of extraction, come into play.

Having it in mind that hemp contains anything from 14-22% CBD, the high the potency of the CBD flower used in making the CBD moonrocks, the higher the potency of the final product. And since the solventless CBD oil used contains anything between 35 to 99% CBD, the moon rocks made through that process are high potency.

Typically, CBD isolates are known to contain high levels of purity of up to 99%. When combined with highly potent CBD flowers and kief, the resulting moonrock averages 50% CBD, which is highly potent vs some other products that could be substituted.

What Are the Effects Of CBD Moon-Rocks?

Unlike other cannabis products that could send a casual user sky high just on a single puff, CBD moon-rocks do not cause any psychoactive effect. Instead, it brings relaxation and other wellness effects. When you consume this type of moon rock, the effects are almost instantaneous.

Here are some of the conditions that can greatly benefit from moon-rocks consumption according to our customer testimonies

  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • And much more

Delta 8 Infused Moon-Rocks

Delta 8 infused moonrocks are among the most preferred cannabis products by many enthusiasts as an alternative to cannabis moon-rocks which is not legal in all US states.

Since THC is still illegal at the federal level and in most US states, delta 8 moon-rocks provides similar effects to users without the risk of legal consequences as it’s not illegal.

With the skyrocketing demand for delta 8 moon-rocks, some manufactures found a way to commercially extract delta 8 and infuse it into their desired cannabis products.

Logically, delta 8 infused rocks are a choice to tons of cannabis enthusiasts across the US due to the legality of the product.

At Biologic Hemp, you can find virtually all types of delta 8 infused products. Just stay in touch, and we’ll get you high-quality products that fit your needs.


Let’s get into details.

What are Delta 8 Moonrocks?

Though not from the moon, this product is one of the most sought-after hemp products that you can ever find on the market. Delta 8 moon-rocks are a popular product consisting of three cannabis substances: flower, oil, and kief.

Based on its composition, this type of moonrock offers a high THC concentration, making it one of the most preferred hemp products by potheads across the US, far and wide.

How Are Delta 8 Moon Rocks Made?

The process of making this highly potent CBD product starts by selecting a pure and dense nug, after which they’re dipped in or sprayed with delta 8.

After that, the resulting product is rolled in pure kief. Due to the ever ballooning demand for moonrocks, a wide range of moonrocks for sale are available on the market, ranging from CBD, CBG, delta 8, and other derivatives in between.

Generally, moonrocks offer an enjoyable experience due to the presence of blended cannabinoids. Also, the product offers a better smoking experience than some alternative CBD products.

If you’re finding moon rocks experience pretty unusual, you can opt for high dosage CBD gummies, asteroids, or any other preferred CBD product of your choice.

What Are The Effects Of Delta 8 Moon Rocks?

Delta 8 moonrocks goes a long way in helping those who experience:

  • Paranoia
  • Bodily pain
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Cancer.

Due to its strength, this hemp product produces a pleasant terpene-rich kief that’s absolutely out of the real world.

How do you Consume Moon Rocks

Basically, moonrocks can be consumed in two broader ways: by smoking moonrocks and vaping. But the method of consumption will depend on your preference and the desired effects.

Since moonrocks are highly concentrated, it’s not advisable for those just getting started with the product.

Even if you’re a veteran ‘stoner,’ it’s advisable you mix your moonrocks with flowers in the ratio of 1 to 4.

When it comes to vaping moon-rocks, you can’t use moonrocks with any vape. As such, vapes with conduction heating are the best bet.

Also, avoid using too many moon-rocks as their oiliness will make it challenging to light a joint.

Where to Buy Moon Rocks

Are you struggling to find a reputable store to make your moon-rock purchases? Or perhaps you’re looking for the best moon rock price? Or you might be wondering how much are moon rocks?

At Biologic Hemp, we’ve got a wide range of assorted moonrocks that you can choose from. Whether you want the CBD hemp flower moonrocks or the delta 8 infused moonrocks, your options are endless. Order your package today and experience the joy.


Moon-rocks have been around for many years, if not decades. However, delta 8 isn’t something of the past, but a newer product on the market. Also, moon rock’s effects are similar to those of THC. Fortunately, you can buy the delta 8 infused products legally and enjoy the trip as well as other benefits that come with them.