Guide For Choosing Best Premium Hemp Flower

Guide For Choosing Best Premium Hemp Flower

Thanks to the recent surge in states and nations joining in on the trend of legalizing marijuana, the premium hemp flower CBD market is absolutely booming.

Especially with all of the new research being done – cannabidiol has quickly shown a lot of promise.

In fact, it’s not an overstatement to say that CBD is a rising star when it comes to managing pain, relieving anxiety, and helping people manage and overcome a variety of different illnesses and disabilities.

And while extracts, tinctures, and topical CBD products are all the rage – premium CBD flower still reigns supreme when it comes to bioavailability. This is why many people are on the hunt, trying to find the best brands selling premium CBD flower online.

However, with dozens of new companies entering the market monthly and hundreds of new products constantly popping up, picking out the best of the best can quickly turn into an overwhelming quest. This is exactly why we’ve decided to put together an ultimate guide to the best CBD hemp buds you can buy online!

When it comes to sorting through hundreds of different brands and a whole slew of products to pick out the best hemp flower, there is quite a bit to look at especially when considering all the following:

CBD Hemp Flower

Premium CBD Hemp Flower - Best Growing Methods

Let’s face it – pesticides and trace chemicals just aren’t cool. If you’re opting for a natural wellbeing product like CBD flower, you should definitely look for a totally organically grown option. This is why we’ve dug deep to find out how each farm grows their cbd hemp flower and whether or not you should expect any trace chemicals in the bud or flower you’re buying.

Brand Reputation

While the CBD industry is still growing explosively, just like Henry Ford said – “You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.” After all, a brand’s reputation and press speak volumes about their business and practices. This is why we’ve dug deep to find out just how trustworthy and reliable each brand is, straight from the best source – to find the best hemp flower for sale for our customers.


Many people want to know with utmost certainty what exactly they’re getting in their CBD bud. To offer the best hemp for sale many top brands are running on a total-transparency policy. We’ve looked into each farm's indoor CBD Flower to find out whether or not they offer insightful third-party lab testing reports, reveal where they grow or source their products from, and disclose other important consumer-centric information.

Shopping Experience for the Best Premium Hemp Flowers for Sale Online

With CBD hemp flowers products quickly propelling themselves into the realm of mainstream consumer goods, it’s incredibly important to make the entire shopping experience completely approachable for the average Jill and Joe. Our simple and streamlined indoor hemp flower buying process is part of the reason we have an A+ rating with the better business bureau.

What’s the Difference Between Hemp Buds and Marijuana?

Unlike popular misconceptions, hemp flower and marijuana are actually quite different. Generally, marijuana is THC-rich. It should be noted that tetrahydrocannabinol happens to be the psychoactive component in marijuana, which is what gives users its famed high.

On the other hand, hemp flowers are typically CBD-rich, and the legal variety of hemp bud should clock in at no more than 0.3% THC content. It’s worth noting that hemp and marijuana aren’t separate plants at all. In fact, ever since the Farm Bill in 2018 – hemp is a classification of non-intoxicating cannabis (meaning it contains little to no THC).

However, unbeknownst to most people – hemp has been around for quite a while. It’s arguably the first crop that mankind has successfully cultivated, and it’s still in use today to produce a variety of goods across a plethora of industries. And thanks to the recent surge of legalization and research, it’s now conquering the world of medicine by storm as well.

Smoking Hemp Flower, Will you get high from it?

In marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive cannabinoid that is largely responsible for its impairing effects. Because premium hemp flower is purposely nearly devoid of THC, the trace amount (generally under 0.3% content) that is leftover is nowhere near enough to get you high, drowsy, or otherwise make you impaired.

However, on a positive note, you should expect to get a nice boost to your mood. And according to recent studies, CBD flowers may even act as an amazing natural cognitive enhancer.

This is all thanks to CBD’s natural properties, which may help curtail anxiousness and help improve sleeping patterns. It’s important to note, however, that this statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. As such, CBD is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment.

Is It Legal to Buy Hemp Flower Online?

Don’t worry, buying hemp flower online is perfectly legal and won’t land you in any sort of hot water. Its sale is unrestricted in all 50 states in the USA, and both purchasing hemp and possessing it is allowed. This is due to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the sale of hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC.

However, you’ll need to watch out to make sure that what you’re buying is indeed sourced from industrial hemp and not marijuana. To give you a quick refresher on the difference – industrial hemp only contains less than 0.3% THC content.

Will CBD Bud Show Up on a Drug Test?

With many modern workplaces, especially in the United States, requiring mandatory drug testing, a large number of people are worried about whether or not their use of CBD flower may show up on a drug test.

While hemp flower contains mostly CBD, which will not show up on a drug test, the less than 0.3% THC that it contains is still a cause for concern. Modern drug tests are specifically designed to detect THC. As such, drug tests that have a granular detection threshold will be able to detect the trace amounts of THC from hemp flowers.

So, in short, yes, there is a chance that premium hemp flower will show up on a drug test. But it largely depends on the type of test you’re taking.

What to Look For In A Premium CBD Flower

When it comes to picking out the best hemp flower, there are several things that really separate the good from the less notable. Here are a few things that you should look for in premium CBD flower:

The Terpene Profile

The terpenes in a hemp plant have a significant role to play when it comes to the overall taste and smell. In fact, it’s actually one of the main elements that separates and distinguishes all the various strains of CBD flower between one another.

However, unbeknownst to most people – the terpene profile also has a role to play in the therapeutic and medicinal benefits that you’d be able to receive.

The Levels Of CBD

If you’re looking at CBD hemp flowers for pain relief or the wealth of medicinal benefits that it offers for your general wellbeing – the CBD content is definitely something you should keep an eye out for.

In general, the average CBD bud has anywhere between 10 and 15% CBD content. However, in specialty CBD-rich strains, this can easily go up to 20% and more.

Proper Processing Methods

When you’re buying hemp flower rather than an extract or a product made with the use of extracted CBD, it’s important to take the processing methods into consideration. Has it been seeded? Has it been trimmed and cured properly?

Many top brands are very forthcoming about their processing methods. However, the average consumer can only rely on visual differentiation to separate premium products from low-grade alternatives. Pay attention to the look, feel, and smell. If it has seeds, feels wet or moist, or smells odd, you shouldn’t use it.

Conclusion – Buying The Best Hemp for Sale On The Market

Sorting the best from the rest is a tough task, no matter what you’re looking for. However, in the case of CBD products – being able to find and buy the best CBD flower out there is quite a challenge for most people.

We also do extensive third-party lab testing on all of their bud strains, the results of which are readily available for buyers to check out. So you can be confident that you’re getting an all-natural and totally organic product.

If you’ve made it up until this point in our guide, you now have all the important information, tips, and the know-how needed to pick out the best for yourself. And with that, we wish you luck on your buying journey.

We here at Biologic Hemp are proud to grow some of the best CBD flowers available anywhere. We are happy to offer a wide variety that passes all the above tests. If you are looking for excellent CBD flowers be sure to try ours and see, taste, and smell the difference. If you have any questions about us or our products be sure to drop us a line and say hi! We love to hear from our customers and give them the best service in the industry. We hope to hear from you soon!

All our products are affordably priced and ship within 24 hours of receipt of payment. All products are guaranteed and our staff are available 24/7 to answer any and all questions or concerns.

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