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Learn More about the process of creating superior CBD & Hemp Flower Products - a real insider look into the hemp industry. From pre-seed to post-sale, see how all the Magic Happens!

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  • Genetics & Strains
    The growing process starts with selecting the right genetics and cultivars. Ensuring the proper phenotypes and nutrients are a key component of growing Fire Hemp Flower - especially on a commercial scale.
  • Farming
    Ensuring your planting the proper type of genetics and seeds for your geographical area is key! Doing proper research and soil testing are the first steps when looking to grow hemp successfully!
  • Harvest Time
    One of the most important steps in the entire process is to ensure proper harvesting techniques. Some key points in the processing of hemp biomass includes drying, trimming, curing and storing the hemp.
  • Hemp for Extraction
    After the hemp biomass is dried and fully prepared for extraction - it is milled in a large scale grinder and shipped off to the extracting and processing plant. Ethanol and Co2 are the most common methods of extraction. After refining the crude oils - you're left with a lot of concentrates and byproducts including terpenes, distillate and isolate.
  • Hemp for Flower
    During harvest time, all the hemp flower buds are separated via several different methods - ultimately leads to the trimming process. Using state of the art commercial trimming machines we are able to process significant amounts of hemp flower getting superior results both in quantity and quality.
  • Manufacturing Products
    Quality Control and Consistency are crucial when it comes to creating the any type of products. That's why here at Biologic Hemp we have a strict protocol for testing, compliance, rules and regulations to guarantee that our customers are getting only the best products!
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What our customers say

Great stuff! Has some of the highest quality products in the market. I recently tried the salve on some muscle aches I've been having for a couple a weeks and it helped tremendously! Highly recommend it.

Motionless Rain LLC

The most reliable, dependable products on the market. The owner is knowledgeable in all aspects of his craft. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to procure the highest quality products while in CO.

Drew Goldberg

At first I was apprehensive to purchase any CBD product. But after talking to so many people who have tried it and researching it on my own, this company has by the best product out there. Its a local company with excellent costumer service. I used to be on numerous medications for my chronic pain and anxiety. Now I'm down to capsules from Biologic Hemp and a general multivitamin. I couldn't be happier! Highly recommend this product and company.

Jay Jay

I 100% recommend this company to anyone looking for CBD as a to help alleviate their pain. Shipping was extremely fast, and the price point was incredible. 5 stars!

Michael Curtis

I am extremely impressed with Biologic Hemp regarding their business ethics, expertise of their products, and the sincere desire to help people who need help with various heath issues. Please consider that when you buy CBD oil in the local retail stores, they are only interested in maximizing their shareholder's bottom line. I researched Biologic Hemp extensively and have found that they sell you better quality CBD than most.

Brian Kearnaghan

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